Hi, I’m Kauê.

KauêThis website is used as a repository for what I write while learning new things, which probably means it contains quite a few oddities and mistakes. I find it entertaining to play with words, especially when it comes to my mother language, Portuguese; but no language goes unscathed in my hands.

I normally translate songs as a way of studying other languages. I post them on their original release date, therefore recent posts may often seem unchanged. I sort them into two categories: direct and indirect translations, the first from original language to Portuguese, and the latter from  pre-existing ones, usually in English.

As the title of this blog suggests, my name is Kauê Gabriel Fonseca Moura, or 莫康威 (Mò Kāng Wēi) if you speak Mandarin. I was born in Curitiba, Brazil, and spent most of my childhood in the countryside of my state. I moved back to the capital of my state to pursue my studies after high school, I then did my bachelor’s in geography but, after college, I mostly worked as a language instructor.

While I was in college, I also started to learn Chinese, which eventually contributed to a research project I had about Chinese migrants in Curitiba. Coincidentally enough, that was what got me my first job, I became a Mandarin instructor at a school that focused on Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures.  Subsequently, I traveled to Alicante, Spain, to learn some Spanish and, after many unexpected events, I ended up as a ESL instructor at a Chinese kindergarten for a short while. Upon returning to Brazil, I worked teaching geography and English. It was a period of transition while I prepared myself to study abroad. 

I started to learn French in order to be able to move to France and, for the year prior my master’s, I worked as a Portuguese language instructor at the University of Lille. I’m currently living in Belgium and I’m doing a double Erasmus Mundus master’s in social sciences: in  intercultural mediation by KU Leuven and one in transnational migrations by the University of Lille. My studies began in Lille, France, then I had an exchange semester in Cork, Ireland, and now I’m finishing it in Leuven, Belgium. What comes next is still a mystery to me, my anxiety is always adding to my desire of knowing what else is there waiting for me in the future.

If you come across any mistakes in any of the languages I use here, or if you have any comments or suggestions on how I could improve what I write, please, let me know: kaue@outlook.it  ~Thank ‘ye’!